BGU II 534

To Aurelius Dionysios, strategos of the Arsinoite nome, Herakleides division,
from the Aurelii Longinus alias Zosimos, son of Leonides and Horion, son of Maron, and Harpalos, son of Sarapion, all 3 of them, and from the remaining sitologoi of the village of Karanis. Monthly summary of the month of Phaophi of the present year 25 from the produce of the past year 24. Measured to us in this month there are for the annona 15 artabas of wheat, 22 artabas of barley, of which for Karanis (there are) 15 artabas of wheat, 16 artabas of barley, for Philopator for the annona 6 artabas of barley. 12 To these are added for an administrative fee as well as other (fees) 1/2 an artaba of wheat, 1/4 1/24 of an artaba of barley, = 15 1/2 artabas of wheat including an administrative fee, 22 1/4 1/24 artabas of barley. And from the balance of the account of the previous month 258 2/3 1/8 artabas of wheat, 264 1/2 1/3 1/24 artabas of barley, with the balance of this account 274 1/4 1/24 artabas of wheat, 287 1/6 artabas of barley.
18 (m. 2) I, Aurelius Horion, son of Maron, have submitted (this summary) jointly.
19 (m. 1) Year 25 of Marcus Au]relius Severus Antoninus Par[th]icus Maximus Britannicus Maximus Germanicus Maximus Pius Augustus, Hathyr 11.