BGU I 95

To Maximos, strategos of the Arsinoite nome, Herakleides division, and to Herakleides, royal scribe of the same division, and to Orsenouphis, village scribe of Karanis, and to Dioskoros and the other laographoi of the same village
from Petheus, son of Petheus, the son of Pnepheros, mother Tamystha from the village of Karanis. In accordance with the orders I register myself and my family for the house-by-house registration of the past ninth year of Antoninus Caesar, the lord, for the house belonging to my wife, Aphrodous, daughter of Apis, in the village and the courtyard being in the quarter of the Village Scribes.
12 I am
[Petheus] the aforementioned exempt from the poll-tax, 76 years old, with a scar on my right foot, 14 and (I register) my wife Aphrodous, daughter of Apis, son of Papontos, 70 years old, with a scar on her right knee, 16 and the daughter of both of us Di[od]ora, 33 years old, without a distinguishing mark, 17 and her children, three daughters, whom their father, [Petheu]s, son of P[e]theus has registered on another sheet. 20 There belongs to my [daughter] a slave girl, Tasou[char]ion, 32 years old, without a distinguishing mark, 21 [and there belongs] also to Aphrodous a vacant area in the village.
22 (m. 2) I, Pe[– – –]ch, have signed.
23 (m. 3) I, Apol[lonios], have signed.
24 (m. 1) Year 10 of Antoninus [Cae]sar, the lord, Epeiph 30.

The entry on the verso is difficult to understand in its present form.