BGU I 61

col. I

Year 8 of Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax and of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Pius, (both) Augusti. From Kastor, son of Heron and associates, sitologoi of the village of Herakleia. We have had measured to us on the 3rd of the month Payni from the produce of the same year:
Soutouetis, daughter of Phosis, for the dues on clerouchs of the same (village) seven artabas of wheat = 7 artabas of wheat;
11 Satabous, son of Kiobis, in the same month four and a half artabas of wheat = 4 1/2 artabas of wheat = for the receipt 11 1/2 artabas of wheat.
14 I, Kastor, son of Heron, have had measured to me, as aforesaid.

col. II

Year 8 of the lords Augusti. Sotas and his associates, collector of the money taxes of the village of Herakleia have paid. I have received from you for the account of the tax liability registered for an oil press twelve drachmas [= 12] drachmas.
(m. 2) Sarapammon and his associates have received for the account of the revenues from (sequestrated) properties through Tix and Melas 2 1/2 (artabas) of wheat.
11 Year 8 of Lucius Septimius Severus Pius Pertinax Pius Parthicus <and of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus>, (both) Augusti, Me[sor]e 30.