BGU I 53

To Dionysios, strategos, and Archibeios, royal scribe of the Arsinoite nome, Themistos division, and to Ammonios, village scribe, and to Ptolemaios and to the other laographoi of the village of Dionysias
from [J]ulia Crispina through her agent [Ho]ros, son of Onnophris from the village of [D]ionysias.
In accordance with the orders I register what belongs to me in the village of Di[ony]sias for the house-by-house registration of the past 16th year of Imperator Caesar Traianus [Hadria]nus Augustus, in [the] quarter of Harpokration a house and a courtyard and in the Boubasteion quarter another house and courtyard. Therefore I submit this registration. 15 (m. 2) I, Amonios, village scribe, have signed.
16 (m. 1) Year 17 of Hadrianus Caesar, the lord, Epeiph 30.