BGU I 52

Soknopaiou (Nesos), 8 camels, 2 foals.
To Ailios Sarapion, strategos and to Sar[apion], royal scribe of the Arsinoite nome, Herakleides division,
from Panephremmis, [son of Horos], the son of Stotoetis, from the village of Soknopaiou Nesos. Of the 8 camels and 1 foal, which I registered in the past 7th year, 9 camels in total, I have sold 1 camel in the present 8th year to Papeis, son of Herieus, the son of Papeis, from the same village, 11 I register the remaining 8 camels for the present 8th year of Antoninus Caesar, the lord, and the 2 foals born to their lineage.
15 (m. 2) 8 camels and 2 foals were declared at the office of Sarapion, the strategos, through a new declaration.
16 (m. 3) 8 [camels] and 2 foals were declared at the office of the royal scribe.
17 (m. 4) I, Artemidoros, have assessed by calculation and confirm through Apoll(), assistant. 18 (m. 5) I, Isidoros, have counted and confirm.
19 (m. 6) I, the assistant, have counted and confirm.

Marginal note (to the left of lines 3-5)

20 (m. 5) 2 have died. And 3 foals are declared in addition.