BGU I 336

Year 24 of Mar[cus] Aurelius Severus Antoninus Parthi[cus] Maximus Britannicus Maximus Germa[nicu]s Maximus Pius Augustus.
<From> the Aure[lii] Polion and Polydeukes and associates, sitologoi of the village of [He]rakleia. We have had measured to us on the 18th of the present [month] of Payni of the present year 24 from the produce of the same year [– – –] with respect to Aurelios Tixis [– – –] for the dues on katoikoi of Herakleia nine[teen] and a half and a third [artabas] of wheat = 1[9 1/2 1/3 artabas of wheat, 10 [and for] the annona two and a half artabas of wheat = 2 1/2 artabas of wheat, two artabas of barley for the annona = 2 artabas.