BGU I 28

To Diogenes, village scribe
from Pakysis, son of Satabous, the son of Panephremis, mother Stotoetis, priest of the 5th phyle of the great, great God, Soknopaios, from the village of Soknopaiou Nesos and his wife, Tabous, daughter of Stotoetis, priestess of the 1st phyle of the same God, Soknopaios, with her guardian, her above mentioned husband, Pakysis. 14 We register the daughter born to us jointly, Tases, who was born in the past 18th year and is in the present 24th year 7 years old. Therefore we submit (this registration).
22 (m. 2) I, Diogenes, village scribe, have received the duplicate of this.
22 (m. 1) Year 24 of Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, Phaophi (m. 2) 13.