BGU I 275

To Aurelius Septimius Julianus, centurio,
from Valerius Apolinaris, Antinoite. On the night before the 22nd of the present month of Hadrianos certain persons came to the courtyard, which I have and which belongs to my house, which is in the village of Karanis, where I hold land, and in this courtyard a machine is kept, 10 and they tried to open it, but were not strong enough, which I made clear to the village officials. 14 Therefore I make this self same thing clear to you in order that no investigation against me is made. 16 Farewell.
17 Year 24 of Marcus Aurelius Severus [A]ntoninus Parthicus Maximus [B]ritannicus Maximus Germanicus Maximus Pius Augustus, Hadrianos 24.