BGU I 266 (W.Chr. 245)

To the Aureli[i], Dionysi[os, strategos of the Arsinoite nome, Herakleides division,] and Isidotos, alias [Horigenes, royal scribe,]
from Aurelia Taesi[s, daughter of NN, mother] Tekiasis, through her agent [NN,] son of P[a]soknopaios, from the village of [Soknopaiou] Nesos. Of the (camels), which I listed [in the] registration of the past 24th year, (stating) that I furnished two fully grown camels for [– – –] (requisition made) for the visit of our lord, Imperator Sev[erus Antoninus], 11 I declare that after the registration and count of the same 24th year, the two aforesaid camels came back, 13 one of which was chosen by [Aur]elius Calvisius [Ma]x[im]us, centurio, who was sent for this purpose according to (the letters) written by the prefect Valerius Datus, vir clarissimus, for imperial service in Syria in the most valiant armies of our lord, Imperator Se[v]erus Antoninus, 20 the other one camel was rejected as it appeared to be unsuitable, and (it is this one) which I register for the registration in the same village of the present 25th year.
25 (m. 2) 1 camel was declared at the office of the strategos. (m. 3) I have crossed off (the entry).