BGU I 188

Year twenty six of [Ma]rcus Aurelius Commodus [Anto]ninus Caesar, the lord, [Pa]chon 18. From Sarapamm[on], son of [Ptol]emaios and Ptolemai[os], son of Hera[kleid]es and the remaining sitologoi elect of the village of Karanis. We have had measured to us at the granary of the above mentioned village from the produce of the same year of wheat by [levelled] public measure [e]paiton: 11 85th cleruchy, for the Severan (estate) at Hiera (Nesos), Satabous, son of Maro[n], thirty two artabas of wheat = 32 artabas of wheat.
15 Likewise Payni 30: 53rd cleruchy, with respect to [Kopr]es, son of Chairemon, thirteen <artabas> of wheat = 13 artabas of wheat. 17 Likewise [Epeiph] 22: 53rd cleruchy, the same (person) five <artabas> of wheat = 5 artabas of wheat. 20 Likewise 85th cleruchy, for the Severan (estate) at Hiera (Nesos), Satyros, son of Maron, five <artabas> of wheat = 5 artabas of wheat. 22 Likewise [Meso]re 22: 53rd cleruchy for the dues on state land for royal land [Saty]ros, son of Maron fifteen artabas of wheat = 15 artabas of wheat. 26 Likewise {with respect to} Kopres, son of Chairemon, one, a third, a twenty fourth artabas of wheat = 1 1/3 1/24 artabas of wheat – – –