BGU I 116 Kol. I

(m. 3) 62
(m. 1) To [Harpokratio]n alias Hierax, [royal scribe] of the [Arsinoite nome], Herakleides division,
[from] Ho[rige]nes, son of Isid[o]ro[s of those from] the metropolis, registered [in the quarter M]ero(n) The[.]mi( ). There belongs to me in the quarter of the Bithynians of Ision two thirds of a house and courtyard, in which I register for the house-by-house registration [of the past year 28] in the same Gymnasium quarter, in which I registered in the registration of year 14 as well. 12 And there is Melas, son of Hera[kl]as, the son of Zenas, mother NN [– – –] workman subject to poll-tax, [.]8 years old. 14 (m. 2) I, Horigenes, have submitted (this registration)
15 (m. 1) Year 29 of Aurelius Commodus [Antoninu]s Caesar, the lord, Mesore intercalary day 5.