BGU I 111

Col. I
– – –
[Year 2 of Imperator C]aesar [Titus Aelius Hadrianus] Antoninus [Augustus Pius], Phaophi 4.

Col. II
[ – – – Hera]kleides division.
(m. 2) To Leonides [and] Herm[ogeiton] city [scribes]
from Kollouth[os, son of NN, the son of] Heron, mother [Sa]rapou[s] and his [wife] Satyro[us, daughter] of Heron, [with] my guardian, [my husband], of those from the metropolis, registered [in] the quarter of the Bithynians of I[si]on.
12 We register the sons, who were born to us jointly after the house-by-house registration of the 16th year of the God Had[ri]anus 15 in the 20th year of the God Hadrianus, Ammo[nios], who is in the 2nd year of Antonius Caesar, the lord, four years old, and Soterichos, in year 1 likewise (of the same Emperor) the other son, Soterichos, who is in the 2nd year two years old. Therefore we submit this birth notice.
22 We, Kollouthos, 30 years old, without a distinguishing mark, Satyrous, 20 years old, without a distinguishing mark, have submitted this birth notice, as aforesaid. 25 Year 2 of Imperator Caesar Titus Ae[lius Ha]drianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, [month name] 24.