BGU II 649 (W.Chr. 428)

To Serenus alias Agathos Daimon, strategos of the Pharbaithite (nome),
from Pantagathos, freedman of Lysandros, son of Horeinos, from Pharbaitha with the guarantor for myself and the pigs, Sarapollon, son of Dioskoros, the son of Sarapion, of the Sosicosmian tribe and of the Althaean deme.
11 I swear by the Fortune of Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Caesar, the lord, that I have 21 pigs of various breeds for the food supply of the most glorious city of the Alexandrians, 20 which also [– – –] for the sustenance [– – – wherever] I am ordered [– – –] provide [– – – if] it seems [– – –] of the Alexandrians [– – –] of the pigs [– – –] wherever I am ordered, [otherwise] may I be [liable] to the oath. 30 [Written] through Harbaithion, son of [D]i[o]nysios.
32 Year 28 of Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Pius Felix Augustus [Armeni]acus Medicus Pa[r]thicus [Sarmaticus G]erman[icus Maximus Britannicus] – – –

38 (m. 2.) (Pigs) of Pantagathos: 21.